About Our Photos

All of the photos of items you see on this website were taken by us personally, and are not stock images! What you see is exactly what you get!


We strive to take only the best photos of items, providing multiple different angles and views of all items, so you know exactly what you’re purchasing before you place an order! Unlike many places, we don’t just use stock images or very generic photos, but rather take our own unique yet simple photos, without the distracting backgrounds and effects.


We keep all natural shadowing and don’t embellish the results by editing¬†or altering them in any way, but instead keep the photos true to the items, in their natural states.


Why are the photos of items so bland? All of our photos were taken with intent to show what the items look like from multiple different angles and in different lighting, without the distracting backgrounds and effects some places use that draw attention away from the item(s).


In addition to taking only the most accurate and useful photographs of our items, we also list them in a way that is very easy for all users to see, by laying them out in a convenient grid (under an item’s description), allowing users to click on a photo to see a full size, high quality version of that same photo. You can also right click on a photo and click “Open Link in New Tab” (or something similar, depending on your internet browser) to open multiple photos in new tabs, allowing for faster, more fluid browsing.